29 July

Printed Circuit Board PCB

Printed Circuit Board PCB – About Gerber Viewer

Printed Circuit Board PCB – About Gerber Viewer

There are many methods to build your Printed Circuit Board PCB by sitting at home. One of the methods was to send it to the manufacturer as we mentioned in earlier articles. But before sending it off we have reckoned to check the design, layout and everything related with it. Many of us rely on the Layout Editor or Checker, but a more precise way to make sure the circuit board is good enough to catch on the hands of manufacturer is to use the Gerber Viewer. In the later article we will look upon in it more deeply.

Prototype PCB Board

The best thing is that you just do not need to download the software and put burden on your hard disk. There are many and best online software available with the names of Gerber Viewer, where you can simply upload your required file to check for any errors. Later on, in the article, I will publish some common mistakes in the designing of the circuit boards. If you are a newbie then there is a huge chance of a lot of mistakes but as you progress up in this area or domain, you will get to know more about your mistakes and how you can correct them using this tool.

 Alignment Issue:

The alignment issue is one of the issues that are widely sighted in the Printed Circuit Board PCB designing and its counter parts. Of course you can correct it using the Gerber Viewer tool. The alignment issue gets more complex when you use different platforms for creating the Gerber file. Otherwise it can be easily fix down by using this tool.

 Board Size and Footprints:

Print a scaled version of the Gerber files on paper and check that the board size is correct. Also, you might want to lay out some components (if you have them) on the print-out to check if you have used the correct footprints.


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