Printed Circuit Board Layout & Make Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board Layout & Make Circuit Board

We are Leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers like Printed Circuit Board Layout, PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid Flex PCBs, PCB Assembly, PCB Repair & PCB Supplier.

Printed Circuit Board Layout & Make Circuit Board

How We Work

In this article we will try to establish our communication flow and how our company operates from higher hierarchy to the lower hierarchy. From the very scratch to the fully developed and fabricated Printed Circuit Boards, we highly encourage the role of every department and for this reason we have to work in parallel to ensure the maximum quality that we can able to deliver to our customers.

Marketing Department:

The overall marketing strategy is developed and reviewed under our Marketing Department. It is divided in to two sections: Domestic and Overseas. These sections look after and focus on the country wide and the international customers. A little portion of it serves as the online marketing as well.

Purchase Department:

The Purchase Department is responsible for the controlling of the procurement’s and the management of the inventory system. Some branches of the production system is also looked after by this department.

Finance Department:

The finance department’s core duty is to maintain a balance of ins and outs. It also ensures the proper audit of the company and maintaining the financial reports.

 Technical Department:

It is sub divided into three sections: Engineering, QA and R&D Departments. The engineering department works in parallel with the designers and technicians for the manufacturing of the Circuit Boards.

We provide the highest quality possible, and that is our logo. And here what Quality Assurance (QA) department has to play its role to make sure our commitment with the customers.

Finally, R&D department’s job is to search for the latest techniques and methodologies upon following we can generate more products per day and with the more good quality.


Finally, the whole job is done at the manufacturing cell, where our skilled professionals and workforce are working for producing the best of the products to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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