PCBs Applications & Printed Circuit Board Layout

PCBs Applications & Printed Circuit Board Layout

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PCBs Applications in Automotive Sectors:-

The applications of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have crossed the barrier and are being served in almost all the divisions of our life. But let’s be focused. When it comes to the automotive sector, the PCBs have captured there as well. From the very basic purpose of lighting to the complex engine control, there is no area left where the circuit boards have not put their feet firm. We will try to illuminate some of the importance and applications of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and their counter parts in the automotive industries.

Printed Circuit Board Layout


Engine Timing Systems: The engine timing of opening the valves, firing and closure of the valves is very crucial. For smooth driving, everything should be done at a proper rate. For this purpose, PCBs have showed the reliability from the last decade very well.


LED Brake Lights: As we have mentioned earlier that the pc boards have showed great interest for the manufacturers of automobiles when it comes to complex engine timing to the very basic application of brake lights, therefore the LEDs containing the PCBs have replaced the conventional lighting systems in the modern vehicles.


Engine Coolant Level Monitoring: Do you ever wonder when you are on long drives and suddenly an indicator shows up and tells you about your low coolant level. The science behind it is nothing but the smart use of the Printed Circuit Boards.


Global Positioning System (GPS): In the modern vehicles, the GPS is supported by nothing else but the Printed Circuit Boards combination. The system is very responsive and accurate in telling you the precise directions.


Audio Video Equipment: Last but not the least, your audio and video systems are also supported by these devices. Not only is this, the lighting in it, also being done by the smart use of these products.


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