6 September

Blank Circuit Board

Our Capabilities


  • Number of layers – We at PCB Manufacturer In USA manufacture double side Printed Circuit Board, Multi-layer PCB, Blank Circuit Board, upto 70 layers.
  • Maximum Unit Area – We take care of our customer requirements while ensuring Double side &Multi-layer – 630mm * 530mm in our products.
  • Material capabilities – Our material capability can be assessed with this description i.e.,  FR-4, CEM-1, Aluminum backed, High Frequency
  • Line width spacing – Our Line width Spacing is undoubtedly the best one ; Au (0.1mm), Sn/HAL (0.127mm)
  • Finished PTH hole size – No one can match us with our capacity in Minimum Hole Diameter which is 0.25mm.
  • Impedance Control – #10%
  • Finishing – Our products are finished with various platings like Gold plating, Tin Plating Panel, HAL, peelable Solder Mask, FPC.
  • CNC V-Cut – Degree: 30 Degree, 35 Degree, 45 Degree,
  •  Depth – panel thickness :1/3
  • Size – 100mm*150mm
  • Profiling – We take utmost care in profiling which is done through the Punching, NC Routing.
  • Board Thickness – Here we provide thickness around 0.4mm – 3.4mm.
  • Copper Foil Thickness – 12u, 18u, 35u, 70u, 105u, 140u, 12.
  • Costing of Hole Side – Minimum Hole 0.2mm, Board Thickness / Drilling Hole is less than or equal to 7, copper Foil thickness is 15-50 micron.More


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