Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are used in many applications. It is impossible to cover all those applications in a single article. But for a better understanding, we will try to cover some of the very basic and important applications of today where these circuit boards are being used.

Printed Circuit Boards

Medical Equipment:

The bio-medical industry is growing at a rapid rate. The machinery used in here should be very sensitive and accurate as it is a matter of human life and health. Some of the common PCBs used in this area are high density pc boards and flex printed circuit boards (FPC).


Consumer Electronics:

It is meant by those stuffs which we use several times every day. Mobile phones, televisions and laptops fall in this category. The PCBs used in these devices are really reliable as you should have noticed. They are manufactured in bulk in industries. Yet they are durable and much reliable because they have been passed thru the multiple quality checks.


Industrial Applications:

The Printed Circuit Boards, which are used in Industrial Applications, are much heavy duty. Those PCBs have thick copper support, because they need to run on the heavy applications like heavy batteries support, gigantic motor run and industrial load testers etc.



Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are very much famous these days because of two reasons: light weight because the PCBs used in it are Aluminum-backed, and they are efficient. Aluminum, again, serves the two purposes: The interconnection between the components of the LED (PCB), and as the Heat Sink.


Automotive and Aerospace:

The PCBs required in this domain should be really efficient and reliable. But most importantly, it has to bear the vibrations and other shocks that are very common in these areas. For this purpose, the Flex Printed Circuit Boards (FPCs) are highly used.

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